At The Red Hot Box we seek constant development towards sustainability. This page outlines some of the ways we go about this.

Carbon Aware Productions

We are currently offsetting by buying 4 trees a month

Working with Carbon Aware Productions, click to view our certificate:

CAP Certficate – Red Hot Box

Water in a box

We stock WATER IN A BOX which has been created with the aim of encouraging people to change their habits when buying packaged spring water and to opt for cardboard instead.  The carbon footprint of our packaging is significantly lower than that of a PET bottle, glass or aluminium can, and the cap is made from a bio-polymer derived from sugarcane.  Our natural spring water is sourced from underground springs in the Mendip Hills, Somerset flowing directly into our packing site and is packaged in a recyclable box, which is paper based and made from low carbon, lightweight, naturally renewable materials that are sourced responsibly.
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New Eco-Kitchen set up

The new kitchen is equipped to recycle 100% – Food – Plastic – Cardboard – No Big Trucks – BioDegradable Packaging – BioDegradable Binbags

Zero Waste & Carbon Aware

We shop local! Our Supplier chain support local suppliers with sustainability values.  We are carbon aware and plant at least four trees a month to offset our footprint and operate a zero waste kitchen.

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