If a production is cancelled for any reason except for an event of Force Majeure the amount payable to you under this agreement shall be determined as follows:

All seven days of the week count for the notice period. For the purpose of calculating the number of days notice given, the day on which notice is given is included but the shoot day is not.

If the period of engagement is three days or less, the cancellation fee applies to the whole engagement. If the period of engagement is more than three days, then each day is a separate engagement and the cancellation fee is calculated for each day. Build days, recce days, pre-light days, shoot days & strike days are all considered as an engagement.

Fee Cancellation Calculation

7 and more days prior to the engagement – no cancellation fee applies
6 – 4 days prior to the engagement – 50% of the agreed fee
3 – 2 days prior to the engagement – 75% of the agreed fee
On the day prior to the engagement –100% of the agreed fee

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