The Red Hot Box Company Policy

‘KEEPING OUR CREWS SAFE’-Working together to enable good working practices’

Deliveries to film sets & private homes

  • 2 metre social distancing to be observed at all times without exception
  • Use the gloves & face masks provided for each delivery & dispose of them in the bin outside the kitchen before returning to the kitchen
  • All equipment & delivery boxes to be sanitised prior to going out on delivery & on return to the unit
  • No multi-use bottles of sauces, salt & pepper, sugar, etc
  • Sanitise van doors, steering wheel & any contact equipment
  • Do not open red boxes once sealed
  • Allocated crew member or customer to open them & sign on receipt
  • Vans to be sanitised throughout
  • Wash your hands constantly & use the sanitiser
  • Sanitise boxes on receipt from customer
  • We are here to support you to keep the nation working!
  • Any food or rubbish to be thrown in the appropriate recycling/ disposal bins before entering the kitchen
  • ***please speak to your line manager if you feel unwell or are unsure of anything******


  • The kitchen will operate on a locked door policy
  • Be aware of others in the kitchen & exercise social distancing-keep to your work stations
  • Clean chef clothing to be worn daily-donot travel in your working clothes!!!!
  • Hands are to be washed after each entry to the kitchen & between each job (as normal)
  • All equipment used to cook, wash & prepare food must be sanitised before & after
  • All foods must be probed for temperature as normal & recorded in the daily kitchen sheet as normal
  • Any supplier is to stay outside of the kitchen & await the kitchen manager whilst exercising social distancing
  • All daily records are to be taken to the office each day

On a lighter note everyone. We are in this together. We must be strict and fight this pandemic. Please be sensible & keep your eyes open and your minds active.




Shell & The Red Hot Box Team 03/05/20